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BetCorps Limited Chief Technical Officer Talks About Online Gaming Industry

BetCorp Ltd. Group Chief Technical Officer Roy Bernhard shares his views on the online gaming industry, saying there's still much to discover and experiment on the emerging online gaming industry.

Online gaming is clearly a huge venture as it gathers $12 billion in annual revenues, which is proof positive that it is very much appreciated in the market. Bernhard shares how he has walked into this new frontier and how he has been doing since he did.

Bernhard joined BetCorp after his company was acquired. He says it was "one of the strangest acquisitions ever". BetCorp moved into Bernhard's offices and made a whole new horizon since.

Bernhard looks back to how things were for him before he became a CTO for a major online gaming company. He earned a B.S. in computer science at the University of Western Ontario. He was not exactly a computer nerd, he said, adding he preferred inventing new things from scratch.

After he was given a break at London's Fanshawe College, he went on to build his own computer consulting business. Later on he moved to the Caribbean and joined a friend in his online gaming business, which he helped saved from bankruptcy and sold for over six million dollars.

In the gaming industry, Bernhard realizes that one has to be a gamer to play for astounding revenues and survive in the business. He also considers hiring the best team players as part of his company's success.

BetCorp Ltd., listed on both the London and Australian Stock Exchange, is an established and renowned player in the online gaming industry. It was twice listed among the industry's top ten companies, in 2004 and 2005.

The company operates online poker and online casino, among other online games. Aside from this, BetCorp applies a' White Label' program for other online gaming affiliates, to further boost revenues.

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