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Prescott Left in Charge of Britain

Prime Minister Tony Blair is prepping for his summer holidays and Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is going to be left in charge of running the country.

There has been much uncertainty over whether Prescott is fit to run the country amid all the intrigues that he is now facing.

The beleaguered deputy prime minister has been under pressure to resign his post following rash criticisms due to his stay at the ranch of super casino bidder Philip Anschutz.

In the latest in a string of controversy, Prescott is now under investigation by the Scotland Yard, following the accusations of MP Norman Baker that he might have broken anti-corruption laws by accepting hospitality from someone who is trying to secure an official contract.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has been a stanch supporter of Prescott, and in past interviews has said that Prescott will be stepping in for him "as normal".

The prime minister refused to cancel his break despite the growing crisis in the Middle East, and Prescott is going to be left to coordinate the response of Britain to the crisis.

Blair is adamant that he needs a break but said that he will be constantly in touch with other world leaders through his mobile. He is reported to be going to the Caribbean.

"In relation to whatever I may be doing in the next few days, the most important thing is to realise that, wherever I am, I have got full communications and I will be on the phone," Blair said.

"The truth is that several of the leaders I am speaking to are actually on holiday as well."

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